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various magazinesOver the last ten years, a number of books have been written on the subject of ministry in its broadest sense, and articles regularly appear in magazines and Christian newspapers.  This area of the allbelievers site will carry reviews of new or interesting material soon after it appears. 

The copyright page will give you an idea of some recent titles that have already enriched the site.

From magazines, the article Cultures that Release from Issue 14 of Cell UK Magazine is directly relevant to the ‘empower’ section of allbelievers.  The fantasy series Church Invisible, set in 2040, from Christianity + Renewal magazine has much of interest, such as the January 2002 item with the headline “you don’t expect them to come into your comfort zone, you go into theirs”.  We read the Church Times, Internet Magazine and Personal Computer World – as well as tapping into networks for eLearning, ICT in education, urban ministry, and adult education in the Christian church.

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