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[ what is a 'minister'? ]

'who me Lord?'

“Who, me Lord?  A ‘minister’?  I don't lead a church!” - But the New Testament words that are normally translated ‘ministry’ imply service, to God, to sisters and brothers in Christ, and to the wider world, its members and its institutions.  They suggest the inclusion of all God’s people in the task of ministering his grace and love to his world.  Ministry involves all Christians –  disciples of Christ who seek to follow him in all details of their lives.

In his book An introduction to Christian Ministry14, Gordon Kuhrt, the Church of England's Director of Ministry writes “What the Bible says is that all Christian people, the whole Church of God, are called to ministry.  When we are baptised, when we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we are called to be ministers or servants of God. ...

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... all God's people are called to the ministry to serve God.  That is what the word ‘ministry’ means - not just in church, on Sundays, or in home groups during the week but, in actual fact, called to serve God every day of the week, in factories and offices, and schools and universities, and at home, and out in the community.  So what is the role of the clergy? ... It is to equip the people to serve God, day by day.  To equip the whole people of God in their ministry.  That is what the New Testament teaches.”

As he points out elsewhere in the book, one of the church's prayers has it neatly: Hear our prayer for your faithful people that each in their vocation and ministry may be an instrument of your love.

'yes you!' As Mark Greene of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity observes, “Ministry is simply love in action - serving someone.”  The Christian difference is that we do this with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Gordon Kuhrt again: “Ministry is the calling of all God's people.  They are the royal priesthood [see 1 Peter 2:9 if you're not sure why], gifted by the Spirit for service to God and to their fellow human beings.”