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Welcome to allbelievers This site is a 'front door' to Christian eLearning courses. It also exists to promote discussion about the ministry of the whole people of God and how to help it forward. Now hosted via equipforministry.org.

Christian Discipleship

Jesus called all his followers to be learnersChristian Discipleship
Why should we be learners? Because 'To be a disciple of Jesus is to embark on a life-long learning process...'

'Love God, and do what you like.'
So said St Augustine of Hippo.  Discipleship is knowing God as well as learning about him.

all are called to Christian ministry Baptised? You’re Called!
'The primary call of the laos, the people of God, is to be the church in the world, living the Kingdom in our everyday life.'

The Need For Change
Followers of Jesus need to be learning and growing.  But do churches need to change too?

Our Vision allbelievers vision
Check out the vision behind this site:
To link to eLearning courses that will equip believers to serve Christ and to argue for greater commitment in our churches to 'every member ministry'.

allbelievers community
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Connected eLearning

Connected LearningGrow as a disciple of Christ using the internet
Learn 'Anytime, Anyplace'!

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Check Out the Current Course List

Studying at a computerChristians at Work
Learn what work is in God's eyes, and how to operate as a Christian in the work environment.

CrossCalled to be Holy
Holy not Haloed! God calls his people to be holy. This course looks at the whys, whats and practical hows of living in holiness, with our own and others' unholiness.

Being Beside Someone Bereaved
We all have an encounter with bereavement now and again. This course aims to help all of us to improve the pastoral support we give to those we meet who have lost someone or something, for example through death, divorce, or redundancy.

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