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From June 2003 to September 2005, a short email newsletter on eLearning and Christian discipleship was sent out to a significant number of people who asked to receive it.  The focus was the use of eLearning in equipping the people of God.  450 words or so each time, it may contain some technical information, information about the learning culture in which Christian believers live most of their lives, evaluations of trials of products ... whatever is topical at the time of writing and may be of interest to those exploring the field.  The archive of these items may be accessed below.

If there is sufficient interest, the newsletter may start again one day. To subscribe, enter your details below, remember to check the “I want ...” box and then click Join Now.  This will automatically add your name to the list. (We also send out a newsletter on the ministry of the whole people of God - living the faith 24-7 - follow this link to subscribe to that newsletter.)

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The archive of eLearning newsletters to date is listed below:

6.6.03 - rationale for this newsletter
18.6.03 - eLearning London
2.7.03 - Unweaving the Web 1
18.7.03 - Unweaving the Web 2
4.8.03 - What is eLearning?
6.9.03 - CCL and its courses
24.9.03 - A learner's experience
10.10.03 - The tutor's experience
30.10.03 - e-moderators
13.11.03 - e-tivities
1.12.03 - eLearning in the lounge
18.12.03 - Models of education
2.1.04 - New Year message and news
19.1.04 - Assessment
4.2.04 - 21st C Britain as a context for eLearning
8.3.04 - News, and an apology
16.9.04 - Where have we got to?
29.9.04 - eLearning and ‘soft’ skills
13.10.04 - 'Knowledge management'?
28.10.04 - Content, context and narrative
10.11.04 - Disciple-managed discipleship?
10.12.04 - Of pedagogy and pledges
5.1.05 - New Year message and news
27.1.05 - Content creation and management
21.2.05 - Content creation and management (ii)
2.9.05 - Fuller Theological Seminary