From films to reality...Perimeter wall, Forbidden City, Beijing

Sometimes films and television or radio drama can allow emotions safely to flow which any of us might have been unable to allow to surface in real life situations.  Looking at some of your  reactions and feelings as you just have is a good springboard from which to look at real life.

Please now give some thought to 

  • The first death you can remember, whose it was and how old you were;
  • The first funeral you ever went to.  Whose was it?  What do you remember about it?
  • The most recent experience of bereavement you have had.  How long ago was it?  What are your feelings about it now?
  • Have you been surprised by your reaction (or lack of reaction) to any bereavement? 

You might like to make a few jottings: to ‘reflect on paper’ or to note down anything that comes to you.  You can use the Notebook tool notebook icon or pencil and the back of an envelope, whatever is easiest.  The Notebook holds all such notes for you and will pop them up whenever you visit the associated page.  



Please go to the Activity: First hand experiences of death and bereavement and write 100 words or so (can be more, can be less) to share your reflections with others on the course.  You can read what the others write too.  Activities don't allow discussion or public comment, which seems right here - your reflections are your reflections.  But you can send an email to anyone you choose, to affirm them, ask them more, share a parallel experience of your own ... whatever.

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