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[ Mission: Tradition Confronts the Future ]

Mission: Tradition Confronts the Future

Masai TribesmanMission: Tradition vs the Future
This eLearning course will help you to look at 21st Century culture and to consider how best to communicate the Gospel to others who know little of Christianity, its language or its foundations.

It is based on the book Christianity Rediscovered, Donovanís remarkable story of mission to the Maasai people of Tanzania. His experiences led him to reconsider radically how we nurture faith in others, starting from where they are rather than from where we are or where we would like them to be. Parallel study in the Acts of the Apostles will help you to read the Bible better and to interpret its message into our own times.

Masai mother and childArchbishop Rowan Williams commented on Donovan's book, "One of the great books of mission theology in the last couple of decades... There is much in that that's of great help..."

This is not a comfortable course: it may change the way you think forever.

Busy London StreetClasses run over 10 weeks and the next will begin in October 2006. Expect to spend around 3 hours a week reading and pondering as well as responding to discussions and activities on-line.

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Student Testimonial: "Very challenging, very stimulating, very enjoyable and very worthwhile. I shall still be learning as a result of this course well into the future and that to me is the measure of a good course."

This course contributes to Framework for Growth section 1 and section 4.

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