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[ Do I Have to be a Techie? ]

Are my technical skills up to it?

ComputerSome people will need reassurance that their level of computer and Internet skills is adequate for an eLearning course. We are committed to doing our best to help learners get the spiritual most out of their courses. We regard the technology as purely an aid to learning, not something that ought to be allowed to get in the way. So:

  • Courses and the systems they run on are carefully designed, and we do our best to help you quickly to become familiar with the equipforministry working environment.
  • You will be provided with a booklet (yes, paper! posted to you!!) with screenshots that guide you through, for example, using the discussion forums.
  • There are also courses on the equipforministry site itself that familiarize you with the learning environment.
  • Your tutor will be willing to help you by email and, if you get into real difficulty, we can arrange a voice call.

evaluation data from users of the e-quip Internet siteIn practice, there has been very little need for such support - see the evaluation data (left) for previous courses. If you are able to use the Internet and send emails, we are confident that you will cope with a Connected eLearning Course.  (If you'd like to see a full analysis of evaluations for earlier courses, follow this link.) And don't forget, you can have your money back if you don't get on with it in the first Unit.

What we can't do, of course, is offer a maintenance service for your computer if it is not up to scratch.  Ideally it should be running Windows XP or a later version (Vista or 7) with Internet Explorer 8 or other equivalent browsers - or similar Macintosh specifications.  Contact us if you're in doubt.