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Called to be Holy

Illuminated CrossCalled to be Holy
This course looks at the whys, whats and practical hows of living in holiness, with our own and others' unholiness.

The idea of being holy has not always been an attractive one, even to Christians.

Perhaps bells ring subconsciously ('holier than thou') or we remember accusations of hypocrisy against the church, its leaders and members. Yet God does call his people to be holy, rightly defined and rightly pursued - summed up, we believe, in our shorthand for the course: 'holy not haloed'. More selfishly, it is also about maintaining and improving fitness for the journey of life.

This course will help you to cope with unholiness in oneself and others and look at some historic examples of 'holy' men and women, able to live 'in' the world without being 'of' it (after Romans 12:2).

The course lasts 5 weeks (4 modules each of one week's duration with a week's ‘half-term’). You would expect to log on several times during each module; the time needed in total (on and off-line) might be 3 - 4 hours per week, at your own convenience.

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Student Testimonial: "I found the course extremely challenging and stretching in a number of ways. I feel that this is a positive feature as there would be little point in going over material and concepts with which one is already familiar. I certainly learned a great deal, both from the course material presented, and from the interaction with other participants via the forums etc.

An excellent course which I would recommend to others."

This course was developed as part of the Peterborough Diocese Journeying with God programme. It comes under the banner "Myself, the companion I can't leave behind" - section 2 in our Framework for Growth.

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