Evaluation results for CCL courses run in the early years of CCL

Learners were asked to complete an on-line form as they completed the course.  The data summarized below comes from all those who completed a form for one or other of the two courses Living Images and Called to be Holy.  Where there was any significant difference between the responses of the two groups of learners, this is noted in the interpretive paragraph under the barchart.

Almost everyone found the e-quip web site straightforward to use from the word 'go'; everyone found it easy by the end of the course.

The educational design of the courses was very effective in helping everyone to learn.

The level of difficulty of both courses was good for just about everyone ('ordinary' Christians who had not done much previous learning).  Called to be Holy was found a bit more challenging than Living Images.

Using the discussion forums on the e-quip site did not faze anyone.  Many felt freer to share on-line than they would have done in a face-to-face group.

The length of the course (8 weeks / 4 Units) was found by everyone to be about right, covering a useful amount of ground without being unsustainably long.

Everyone felt that they had learnt as much or more than they had in any previous Christian learning.  Some people noted how they were carrying around issues in their head in between their learning sessions, thinking about what they were going to say.  This increased learning significantly.

Some learners spent between 2 and 3 hours per week on the course, others less.  The responses indicate that 1-2 hours is not enough to do the material justice, while 2-3 hours / week is.  (Note that this does not mean that people were connected to the site for all this time, merely engaged in some way with the material.)

Those who connected to the site (particularly regarding the discussion forums) only twice a week felt that this was not enough.  Three times a week seems about right.

Everybody enjoyed the course, some a great deal.

Everyone felt that the course was good value for money; three-quarters of the respondents felt the course was worth much more than they paid.


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