Being a Christian at work ...
Meeting the challenge

Unit B3 - Change

Case Studya skip marked 'scrap only'

Provide an example of a situation of managing change at work. It might be one that you have had to handle, or have seen someone else handle with skill, or lack of it.  It might be one from the past, one that's currently in train, or one that you know is coming in the near future.  It might be a small matter to do with a change in office procedure, or the somewhat larger(!) one of  ‘rationalization’ or ‘right-sizing’ after a take-over.

  1. Start off by describing the situation briefly so that others can get the picture.
  2. Give some thought to the free market global economy and how it makes more complex the situation you have described.
  3. What values do you think were in the driving seat in change management as it is / was?
  4. What difference would it make if Judeo-Christian values are used (such as those in the ‘Scott Bader list’: overall love, neighbourly love, peace, equality, honesty & integrity, stewardship, self-giving).
  5. The next Unit will discuss, amongst other things, human dignity. What have been / will be the benefits of respecting human dignity?

ForumPlease give some thought to these issues, and make a few  notes.  Then go to the Forum: Managing Change  where you can enter your responses. If you number them 1 to 5 (to match the list), this will help others to respond to your posting.

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