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Connected eLearning Explained

GlobeConnected eLearning is an effective means of interactive learning, which combines the flexibility of computer based study with the richness and diversity of working in a group.

How does it work?

Each Course is presented via the eLearning Website, which users can log on to at their convenience. You would join a group of learners from all over the UK and probably some from overseas.

Each time you log on the system takes you to where you left off last time and you may choose to read some more bite-sized pages of multimedia learning material, or to visit one of several set discussions about the topic that will be running, or to post the short contribution that you have been preparing. You will probably check to see if anyone has made a comment on the last thing you contributed. You may want to read the response your tutor has made to the question you emailed yesterday, or check the calendar for any planned events or deadlines. You may want to use the notepad tool to record something that provoked thought.

So, you learn in a group, learning together, sharing ideas, experience, questions, dreams ... using the Internet.

Secondly, because we mostly use threaded discussions, you contribute at a time and from a place to suit yourself, and take as long as you like to formulate your words. No more interjecting on the hoof into heated oral discussions, where air time is limited and the biggest mouth gets the biggest say.

Learning in a GroupFriends climbing a hill

Only the small group of enrolled learners has access to the learning material and the discussions, so anything you choose to say or think out loud is confidential to your class.

  • You learn from high-quality, multimedia course material.
  • You learn from the rich resource of the other learners.
  • You learn from a tutor who journeys quietly with you, sometimes making comments, sometimes not, but always there to ‘hear’ what you say and to be asked anything you wish.
  • And you learn from yourself as you express opinions and articulate experiences.
And it's all set in a context of worship and prayer - which works surprisingly well over the Internet!

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Is it easy to use?

The web site we use is purpose-designed and very easy to use. Can you point and click and type a bit? That's all you need to be able to do. Follow this link for more information. It's easy to print, too - some commuters have used travel time to read and ponder new ideas and what they're going to contribute to the discussion.

How long does a course last?

Courses typically run for 5 weeks (including a week's half term). You would aim to log on to the website several times a week (at your convenience), and would look to spend around 3 hours a week working through the material.

Free Taster

      Sample Course Material

Visit the virtual learning environment at:
www.equipforministry.org and have a try. Use the link to visit the site as a guest, view learning material set up for visitors and explore some of the facilities. You can't, however, visit any 'happening' discussions.

Payment Details

Payment Options

Payment for course enrolment is by credit or debit card and is possible in a number of world currencies.

We offer a moneyback satisfaction guarantee (which nobody to date has taken up).

There is a suggested price for each course, which goes to cover the costs of writing the course, technical services, web hosting, and facilitation. Although this is a not-for-profit venture, we do hope that there will be a surplus to plough back into the development of more courses. At the same time, we consider it essential that nobody is debarred from learning more about Jesus because they can’t afford it – please see the values page if you would like to know more, or apply to pay what you can afford.

Do I have to be a 'Techie'?

Need reassurance that your computer skills are up to it?

If you are able to use the internet and send emails then we are confident that you will be able to cope with a Connected eLearning course.

You will be provided with all the tools you need to run with the course, including a leaflet sent to you with some screenshots and examples.

Follow this link for more info on the technical requirements.

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