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Being beside someone bereaved

Grave StonesBeing Beside Someone Bereaved
This course aims to help all of us to improve the pastoral support we give to those we meet who have been bereaved.

It is best underpinned by a reasonable understanding of just what the Christian message is - you should consider whether it would be good to do the course Life, death and Christian hope first. For many people this will be the best route.

Misty ForestChristian believers are called to be ministers of God's grace, mercy, love and truth wherever there is an appropriate need or opportunity. Most people know someone who has ‘lost’ a relative, colleague or friend within the last year or two. We all have a first or second hand encounter with bereavement every now and again. But what do you say? To what extent do you comfort? Just listen? Encourage? Preach? If as a Christian you have nothing to say about “the hope that is in you”, who else will help the bereaved see beyond their immediate loss - but how do you avoid taking advantage of a person's vulnerability?

High WallThe course lasts 5 weeks (4 modules each of one week's duration with a week's ‘half-term’). You would expect to log on several times during each module; the time needed in total (on and off-line) might be 3 - 4 hours per week, at your own convenience.

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This course comes under the banner "Journeying with God through life" - section 5 in our Framework for Growth.

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