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[ Being a Christian at Work - Meeting the Challenge (pts A & B) ]

Christians at Work - Parts A&B Course Details

Studying at a computerBeing a Christian at Work
This course looks at empowering Christians in the Workplace.

God's love and promises are not exempt from the workplace, but rather He desires that as Christians we work efficiently and effectively in our jobs, this brings God glory. Our workplace is the mission field and we have the responsibilty of representing Jesus to our colleagues.

This ten-unit course is run in two parts, each over a period of five or six weeks.  If you have not given much thought to being a Christian at work, it is probably better to start with Part A, but either Part stands alone and can be done first if you wish.

PART A looks at the low emphasis the church often puts on work:

  • In God's eyes, what work is and what is the point of it
  • Prayer
  • 'Powerhouse' signpostHeightened awareness relating to work
  • The fruits of the Spirit
  • Values, human dignity and decision making
  • Leadership
PART B includes material and discussions on:
  • Revision of how God sees work
  • Catholic Social Teaching / the publication The Common Good: contents and some excellent outcomes
  • Rubbish SkipEthics at work
  • Introduction to thinking and acting Christianly
  • Communication
  • The wide variety of ways of 'witnessing' at work
Each of the five Units in Part A and Part B lasts a week, during which time you would expect to spend 2½ – 4 hours (on-line or off-line) reading, sharing experience, pondering and responding.  There is a week's ‘half-term’ between Units 3 and 4.

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ICF logoThese courses have been developed with the support of the Industrial Christian Fellowship.

These courses fit within Framework for Growth section 6.
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