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March news, and a thought

Greetings; I hope this finds you well.

“It's gone quiet”

Thanks to those who asked to remain ‘on the list’ when I emailed, trying to make sense of emails that bounce and folk who receive but apparently don't open eReflections. Despite managing to 'spring clean' the list, however, there has been no eReflection since January.

The reason is busyness, capped by a family member being hospitalised for what may prove a longish period. In consequence we have our 9-year-old grandson living with us Monday to Friday (with a long school run at either end of the day). Everything that is voluntary has had to go as a result, and I fear there will be little opportunity to write for some time. Anyone want to take a turn in this encouragement of the everyday ministry of the whole people of God?

AOL email users

A number of eReflectors are AOL subscribers. You may like to know that AOL 9.0 blocks graphics and web links unless the email address of the sender is in your address book. If you're an AOL client, enter into your address book if you'd like links and formatting in these reflections to come through.

eLearning courses

Two people are waiting to start Mission: Tradition confronts the Future – a 10-week read of Donovan's profound book about mission in an ‘alien’ culture: Christianity Rediscovered, interwoven with a study in Acts on how the gospel went out from Jerusalem. Guaranteed to get you thinking in the period from Lent to Pentecost. Shorter courses suited to this season are Called to be Holy (not what you might think) and Being Beside Someone Bereaved (practical, sympathetic ministry-training).

This is the only ‘plug’; go and look now if you're interested! Sign up on-line on the allbelievers site.

A final thought

Last time I wrote about Peterborough Cathedral ( On Saturday we went to a party in a New Frontiers church at the other end of the spectrum, a steel-framed shell built this millennium (the cost covered by their own people) on an industrial estate in Gorleston, Norfolk, the utilitarian space being used for worship, badminton and a loud party by turns. Not everyone's cup of tea (but then, neither is a cathedral).

Last time, I noted the cathedral's mission statement. Here is the vision statement for Kings Church (

We are passionate about our vision
This is what we See:
The Church we See
is God Centred, Purpose Driven and People empowering.
The Church we See is exciting and full of life. It is relevant, numerically large, spiritually strong and united.
The Church we See is non-religious, naturally supernatural, fun and incredibly satisfying to be part of. A church of renowned character and integrity.
The Church we See is equipped and released. A church whose purpose is to glorify God and bring his wonderful life to all.
The Church we See is attractive, confident, victorious and overcoming. It is a praying church having awesome worship, life changing preaching and effective ministry.
The Church we See is deeply committed, highly generous and a love motivated family. Here you will find true identity, hope and belonging through faith in Jesus.

The empowering, equipping and releasing bits echo the “three e's” on the allbelievers site ( It certainly seems to be working here. Like the language or not, you might care to compare the statement with your own church's view of the future and how to get there.

Yours in Christ

Peter Nicholls


Personal news, AOL 9.0, courses and a church in a ‘barn’.

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