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[ 5. Journeying through life ] 

man and babyThe old prayerbook used to speak of “all sorts and conditions of men” (and women!); how should we live as Christians in different circumstances and stages of life?  What does it mean to be an adolescent and a Christian?  How should a Christian spouse conduct him/herself?  Is singleness a curse or a calling?  How do you cope with having 15 more working years ahead of you but no energy or vision?

It will take us many years to pass through all these stages, but within one week any of us might encounter a child, a single person and someone who has recently been bereaved.  How do we stand alongside and offer love, grace, hope, truth: whatever is needed in the name of Christ?

So, the learning and understanding agenda might look like:

  • Being: a child, an adolescent, a young adult, married, single, a parent, in mid-life, retired, bereaved, someone facing death
  • Being alongside: a child, an adolescent, a young adult, a married, a single, a parent, someone in mid-life, retired, bereaved, facing death

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