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[ 2. Myself - the companion I can't leave behind ] 

person's shadow Anyone who has changed job, community, home, role – perhaps to make a fresh start – will know that the one thing you can’t leave behind is yourself!  God calls us to be at ease with ourselves as we are, yet anxious to grow more into the likeness of Jesus.  This balance keeps us moving forward peacefully, not ‘driven’ by a desire to succeed just to bolster our self-esteem, not depending on others’ love but rather drawing strength from God’s love for us.

Possible areas for learning and growing in this section are:

  • Loved by God, equipped by God
  • Fit for the journey: Called to be whole, called to be holy
  • Being the person we are and able to live in collaboration with others
  • Identity and sexuality
  • Time and stress: too much of either? too little of either?
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