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[ framework for Christian growth ]

mature palm tree You are a Christian who takes discipleship seriously (follow the link if you're unsure about that).  You want to grow in your ability to minister God's grace, mercy, love and truth in any appropriate circumstance (follow the link if you're unsure about that).  You know that it is important to nurture your relationship with God through prayer, Bible study and faith development.  You have heard about ‘lifelong learning’ from the government; what might this mean in a Christian sense?

The seven headings below are the components of a framework for growth into full Christian maturity - a process that will take decades rather than years. Think of it as a map of all the learning experiences you might need in order to function effectively as a minister (in the small m sense) every day of your life.  Follow each link to find out more about the different areas of growth.

The notion of journey, now a commonplace in discipleship thinking, is at the heart of this framework.  So the Peterborough Diocese scheme that is closely associated with this allbelievers framework is called Journeying with God.  It falls into 7 sections, each of which is a clear metaphor - guidebook; previous explorers; travelling companions: myself, others, the Holy Spirit; the destination and purpose of the journey; navigation and communication tools; terrain we will go through.