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Peter Nicholls

The initiative to try to get this site up and running has come thus far from Peter Nicholls, until 1996 a local education authority adviser in the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in education.  In 1999 he completed a three-year course that trains men and women for ordained ministry in several mainline church traditions.  Peter is confident, however, that he is not called to ordination but rather to explore as a layperson how the churches can better enable all Christian believers to minister the love of God and to work for the coming of His kingdom.  So that the people of God live the Christian life to the full in homes, schools, offices, factories, in leisure activities and as consumers, in medicine, politics, the arts, the church ..... everywhere.

Although the use of Internet is a means to this end, it is a crucial part of the scenario of 21st Century information dissemination, community building and eLearning.  Much of Peter's effort goes into exploring solutions in this area.

Support is gratefully acknowledged from a number of people, in particular John Raymond of the Peterborough Diocese People and Work Programme and the staff of Church House Publishing for their help in developing courses.  Mike Thomas at Learning and Teaching Scotland has rendered much technical assistance to get the original e-quip site running smoothly and James Petersen has worked on the first professional version of the allbelievers site.  The 7-section framework for Christian growth has been developed in conjunction with the Peterborough Diocese Adult Education Co-ordinator, Chris Peck.

In 2003 Peter moved from Peterborough and worship in the Cathedral to Norwich and the Mulbarton group of parishes. From 2005 to 2010, Peter was web editor managing the content of the Roots for Churches website www.rootsontheweb.com, and more recently has set up www.equipforministry.org using the Moodle virtual learning environment to run courses for Norwich Diocese. He may be contacted by the form or link on the contact page.