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assorted coins and notesThank you for coming to this page because the suggested course price may be more, or less, than you can afford.  The offer to let you join for “whatever you can afford” is genuine.  Please consider what that sum might be.  We hope that you will also consider that the 2008 offer price of most CCL courses amounts to about £4.00 (UK) per week over 8 weeks.  That's less than the price of a cinema ticket, only a little more than the price of an alcoholic drink and a good deal less than most other adult education courses.

In common with other eCommerce systems, the one we use to allow you to pay via the Internet can only cope with fixed prices.  Please use the form below to let us know which course(s) you want to join and how much you are able to pay.  We will then email you to let you know what to do to pay the reduced price.

We hope, too, that there may be people who are willing to pay more than the “suggested price”.  CCL will make heavy losses in its early days.  The ‘break-even’ price for an 8 week course is considerably higher than the initial offer price, even without adding in the overheads of setting up the necessary technology, marketing costs, originating courses, etc.  If you are willing and able to support this ministry by electing to pay somewhat more, please use the same form to indicate so.

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When you have completed the form and sent it, you may like to use the menu system (top left) or the links below to visit other areas of the site.